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Emergency Services Advanced Drivers and Riders

RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders now offers membership to any member of the Statutory Emergency Services (Fire, Police, Ambulance) who has an up to date recognised Advanced Driving or Riding qualification.

Terms and conditions

Membership of the Association will be granted to emergency services advanced drivers or riders at a discounted rate without test subject to the following conditions:

  1. They hold a recognised advanced driving or riding certificate obtained within the United Kingdom's Emergency Services.
  2. They are still serving within the services or have retired within two years of the date of application, and are, or have been, employed on duties involving the driving of any emergency services vehicles.
  3. They will agree to take triennial refresher tests unless they are reassessed within that three years within their own emergency service. A satisfactory test will be necessary to retain gold grade.

If the above conditions are met, the initial fee will be £18. Thereafter the annual subscription will be £20 which includes a contribution towards the cost of the triennial test.

How to Become an Examiner

Examiners are volunteers who are serving or retired police officers who are working or have worked in a police driving school or on traffic related duties.

You will be aware that from time to time as vacancies occur, we recruit retired and serving Police officers (agreed with ACPO) to the panel of examiners. If you wish to be considered for any vacancies that should arise in your area please contact RoADAR: furtherinfo@roadar.org

Examiners should view their role as a contribution to road safety and whilst a fee is paid for conducting tests, it should be seen as covering out of pocket expenses, mileage and administration. On this basis RoSPA receives support from ACPO and most Chief Constables in this important community based activity.