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Young Riders Scheme launched in 2012 in Shropshire & Powys by S.A.P.A.R

(Shropshire and Powys Advanced Riders, associated with RoSPA, The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents)

S.A.P.A.R. seeks 4 more young riders in 2012!

Free advanced motorcycle training for 17-21 year olds in Shropshire & Powys

Edward McMillan (20) is the first young motorcyclist to sign up to a new scheme in Shropshire. “I have been riding a GPZ500 since I was 17. I have been out with a few riders from the group and I noticed how smooth their riding was. I want to improve my riding skills so that I feel more confident and competent”. His father Stuart agrees: “I think it is a good opportunity and I am glad that Edward is up for it. I am sure that he will have fun and will be pleased with the results.”

Tom Davis, the chair of SAPAR, explains how the scheme works: “We are looking for five local young motorcyclists with A1/A licences, who are keen to join our new Young Riders scheme in 2012.”

“Advanced riding is all about riders becoming smarter, smoother and safer. The scheme is a great opportunity because our group will cover the usual costs for the training. The deal we are offering for the first five young riders is worth £159 pounds.”

“The training prepares the rider to take the RoSPA Advanced Rider test which is also paid for by S.A.P.A.R. The test is regarded as the most comprehensive and challenging available to the public. It is monitored and approved by the Driving Standards Agency. The test is graded bronze, silver or gold with each of these representing a high level of riding skill. Passing the test is something to be proud of.”

“In addition to the free training, any young rider who gets a gold grade will have a chance of winning a ticket for a track day with the Honda Ron Haslam Race School, worth another £289.”

Edward will provide an update on his progress in due course. In the meantime, the group encourages other local motorcyclists to spread the word!

Information and contact details are available on www.saparweb.com and Tom Davis on 01939 261242 / 07714 206221.